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From Infants to School Age

Stepping Stones Services


The infant program includes those children who are from the age of six weeks until the age of 14 months. The program focuses on loving care to support children to grow and develop to their full potential. The schedule is flexible; children eat, sleep and play according to their own needs. Our program supports every child’s individual and unique needs. We provide a creative and stimulating atmosphere to encourage visual, language, gross and small motor experiences to enhance learning through a child’s own curiosity.

Toddlers & Twos

Your child deserves every opportunity to succeed in life, and it starts with ensuring their proper development in all domains. At SSECC, we use the Creative Curriculum to ensure that our younger students are learning and developing at their optimal potential. Given the age of these children, education is embedded in play. The toddler program encourages children to pursue their own curiosities and learn through stimulating experiences. We place a strong emphasis on promoting inquisitiveness and fostering self-confidence.


Preschoolers are children ages 36-60 months. Children at this age are improving coordination, learning complex skills and beginning to interact more with their peers. Our preschool program introduces topics in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math (STEAM) at developmentally appropriate levels to encourage development in all domains.

SSECC uses The Creative Curriculum which is an evidence-based practice model for the development of the young mind and body that follows the DAP (developmentally appropriate practice) model. This includes thematic units, hands on experiences, daily small and large group instruction. This is a full-day program that can be modified into a half day program according to your needs.

School Age

The school age program serves children 5 years and older. It is a great transition to formal schooling and can include conventional Kindergarten based on your child’s age. Children will be introduced to a more structured learning environment. The School-Age classroom includes small and large group activities to promote social skills, math and literary skills. We also incorporate hand0on learning to develop the arts, creativity, science and logic. Relationship building, cognitive skills, and motor skills are all refined and encouraged to further your child’s independence. Academic activities are balances with physical as well as social-emotional domains. This can be offered as a full day program, a before/after program or a combination of the two according to your schedule.

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